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Baggage allowance consists of all the passenger is authorized to carry with no cost. It includes what is dispatched as registered baggage in hold and on cabin with him/her, such as carry-on baggage.


There exist two weight systems of Baggage allowance:
It authorizes to transport a determined quantity of kilos, apart from which the passengers will have to pay a charge for excess baggage. With respect to the baggage to dispatch, the weight limits to transport without any cost are the followings:
  Domestic flights
Origin Destination Economical Club Economy
Argentina Argentina 15 kg. 30 kg.
  Regional/International flights
Origin Destination Economical Club Economy Club Condor class
Argentina Chile 20 kg. 30 kg. ---
Chile Argentina 20 kg. 30 kg. ---
Argentina Brazil 20 kg. 30 kg. ---
Brazil Argentina 20 kg. 30 kg. ---
Argentina Bolivia 20 kg. 30 kg. ---
Bolivia Argentina 20 kg. 30 kg. ---
Argentina Peru 20 kg. 30 kg. ---
Peru Argentina 20 kg. 30 kg. ---
Argentina Paraguay 20 kg. 30 kg. ---
Paraguay Argentina 20 kg. 30 kg. ---
Argentina Uruguay 20 kg. 30 kg. ---
Uruguay Argentina 20 kg. 30 kg. ---
Argentina Colombia 30 kg. --- 40 kg.
Colombia Argentina 30 kg. --- 40 kg.
Rest of Southamerica Europe (*)(**) 32 kg. --- 40 kg.
Europe (*)(**) Rest of Southamerica 32 kg. --- 40 kg.

* Note: Piece Concept applies to flights between Argentina/Uruguay Paraguay Chile/ Bolivia/ Venezuela/Colombia/Perú and Roma/Madrid/Barcelona (AR direct flights).
Note: : Vuelos entre Brasil y Europa se aplica Sistema por Piezas (PC).
Authorizes to transport a determined number of pieces, on the basis of prefixed volume and weight, out of which you will have to pay a charge for exceeding weight of baggage.
If you book your trip in Flex class (basis Y, B, M) your baggage allowace for Europe is 2 pieces of 23 kg. e.o.

Note: Starting August 8th, 2014, the baggage franchise for Buenos Aires/Caracas/Buenos Aires flights will be modified as follows:

  • - Club Economy: 2 pieces weighing no more than 20 kg each.
  • - Economy: 1 piece weighing upto 20 kg.
- Maximum size: the addition of the outside dimensions of each piece shall not exceed 158 cm. The combined maximum linear size shall not exceed 273 linear cm.


- Should the linear size of a piece be 158 linear cm, the other one cannot exceed 115 linear cm.
- Should both bags be identical, each bag shall not exceed 136.5 linear cm.
- Should the size of one of them be 140 linear cm, the other one shall not exceed 133 linear cm.
INFANTS (Under 2 yrs for National /Regional/International flights)
Weight Concept:

- No baggage allowance.
- Infant items allowed can include a collapsible stroller or push-chair which can be transported in the cabin subject to availability.

Piece Concept:

- Infants not occupying a seat are entitled to check in one (1) bag not exceeding 115cms and 10 kg.
- Infant items can include a collapsible stroller or push-chair which can be transported in the cabin subject to avialability.
Whenever two or more passengers travel on the same flight, date and destination, a total baggage allowance shall be permitted equal to the sum of their individual allowance. This applies to both system and weight allowances.
Whenever services are combined between domestic, Regional and International flights or vice versa, with the same class or a different one, the baggage allowance to be applied shall be the highest for the route, as long as all the flights have been issued in the same ticket.
Whenever a change of class must be made for service reasons and the passenger travels with a different date than the one he/she has paid, the original baggage allowance will always be kept.
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