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Regarding air transportation, all passengers up to the age of 11 on the day of travel are considered minors. There are 2 types of minors: infant and child.

passengers less than 2 years of age (domestic, regional and international flights)

passengers between the ages of 2 & 11 (domestic, regional and international flights)

All passengers 12 and older are considered adults.


Aerolíneas Argentinas informs you that from May, 18th, 2009 onwards it will not grant the Escort Hostess service for minors. For minors traveling alone without escort hostess, the Company will only offer the “Service for Non accompanied Minor ” for all Aerolíneas Argentinas and Austral routes, collecting a charge of service for Domestic, Regional and International destinations.
This service is authorized for minors who travel alone and that are from 5 to 12 years old (not being 12 yet).

To download the form for Non Accompanied Minors, please click here.


SECTION 1º- Those persons who are not EIGHTEEN (18) YEARS OLD YET, will need an authorization to departure from the country, both being argentine or foreigners, with a permanent , temporary or precarious residence in the ARGENTINE REPUBLIC.
SECTION 2º- The authorization to which the section 1º is referred to will not be necessary to leave the country for those minors in the following cases:
a) Whenever they are emancipated by marriage contracted within the ARGENTINE REPUBLIC or abroad, although they have got divorced afterwards, separated legally or in facto or the spouse has died or the marriage had been declared null for the case of the spouse who has acted in good faith.
The marriage should be proven by means of the Marriage License or Certificate of Marriage or, instead, with a Certificate of Nationality, Passport, ID Card or another document which could evidence their identity and in which the marital status is referred to.
b) Whenever argentine minors have their domicile or residence abroad, having to register such circumstance through an identifying document any other public document in which it could be evidenced.
c) EIGHTEEN (18) YEARS OLD Foreign minors, who have obtained the permanent setting, temporary or precarious in our country: whenever they have reached majority in their country of origin or in their previous country of residence.
The effective validity date of the foreign law which is intended to be applied is valid will have to be evidenced, through a certificate issued by the diplomatic or consulate representation of the respective country, accredited in the ARGENTINE REPUBLIC or by any other public instrument enough for this purpose.
The domicile shall have to be proved abroad at the time of reaching the majority, according to the law invoked.
d) Due to any other way of emancipation that had been granted through the laws which resulted applicable, in which case the emancipation shall be evidenced by public instrument.

e) Foreigners that have not reached majority (EIGHTEEN (18) YEARS OLD) and that, likewise, are temporary residents.
SECTION 3º- They must grant an authorization to the minors to departure from the country whenever said authorization be claimable:
a) Parents of the minor. The filiation will have to be evidenced from both parents through Marriage Certificate with the Birth Certificate registered, or Certificate of Birth or Certificate of citizenship or Passport, Judicial Evidence of Adoption or any other public instrument that may give full evidence of the relationship invoked.

It is hereby stated that whenever the data of the FATHER and MOTHER of a person who is not EIGHTEEN (18) YEARS OLD YET appears in the National Identity Card, this information must be accepted as a public instrument which grants full faith of the relationship invoked.
According to what has been before mentioned, in the case of eighteen years old minors of argentine nationality who show a ID Card (DNI) of mechanic Reading (new model with light blue- colored covers or ID Card) shall be accepted the information registered at the back of the page of personal data which copy shall be added to the present by way of illustration, with the purpose of evidencing the relationship.
b) One of the parents, if the other had died or had been deprived of parental authority or even if the exercise of such right has been suspended or in case its presumed death has been judicially declared. All this will have to be proved through the Marriage Certificate with the Death Certificate registered on it or the corresponding Death Certificate or the respective Judicial Resolution.
c) The parent which filiation appears in the Certificate of Birth, in case only one of them is registered in it. It will be enough the exhibition of the Certificate or any other public instrument in which it only appears the paternal or maternal filiation of the minor according to the case, not appearing another filiation for this purpose of evidencing this point.
d) The adoptive father if there were no maternal filiation or the adoptive mother in case there was no paternal filiation. The Certificate of Birth of the minor public instrument or, in its case evidence of the Judicial Resolution that granted the adoption in which appear only the adoptive mother or father will be suitable to prove that it only exist adoptive father or mother.
e) The competent judge through Judicial Resolution, which will have to be proved with evidence or certification of the respective resolution or by any other public instrument.

This supplementary authorization results indispensable, among other cases, when:
1) The minor is under guardianship, curatorship or under custody.
2) The minor that is before the Judge, under judicial protection or under custody of national or provincial institutions for the protection of minors.
3) In case there were no agreement between parents with respect to authorizing the departure of their minor child from the country.

4) In the event that the minor son of one or both parents under the age of EIGHTEEN (18) years of age.

In this event:
I – When dealing with the departure of a minor from the country, whose parents were, at the same time, non-emancipated minors, it will be necessary to have in all the cases the Judicial Authorization that replaces the inability of both of them to give their consent. In the event that any of the parents reaches the age of majority, the Judicial Authorization shall be equally claimable with respect to the parent whose inability has not ceased yet

II – Whenever only one of the parents is an adult and is who is travelling with the minor, the corresponding Judicial Authorization shall be required, in order to replace the inability of the other parent underage.
III – Whenever one of the parents is an adult and who travels with the minor is the underage parent, the Authorization for the Trip shall be required granted by the adult parent and the corresponding judicial authorization to replace the impossibility in which the underage parent is.
IV – Whenever only one of the parents is an adult and a third party is who travels with the minor, the Authorization of the adult parent shall be required to replace the inability of the underage parent.

SECTION 4º.- TACIT: It is that which is granted at the moment in which of making control and whenever the minor travels with his/her father or with his/her parents or, certifying the filiation according to which it has been stated in Chapter III.
SECTION 5º.- EXPRESS: It is granted by the other parent/s according to what has been ruled in section 3º sub-sections a), b), c) and d), before the following civil servants:
a) Notary Publics, whose signature will have to be legalized by the Association of Notaries Public with competence in its jurisdiction and, in case that it had been granted abroad, by the Diplomatic Representation or Argentine Consulate, if the authorizing official/s are abroad.
b) Argentine Consul: having to extend the authorization of conformity with what has been stated in section 3º subsections a), b), c) and d) of the present regulation.
c) Competent Judge.
d) Competent Authority of the Civil Registry and Vital Records.

e) Civil Servants of this National Direction that especially result qualified to such effect. The authorizations so granted, shall have exceptional character, shall be extended according to “Act of Authorization for departure from the country for minors underage” that is attached as ANNEX IV of the present measure and will have validity for only one trip; all this previously paying the corresponding fee.
The expressed authorization will have to include the explicit indication that the authorizing official/s are the father and/or mother of the minor, according with the authentic documentation that has been presented and checked.

According to the will of the parents, the authorization may be broad and authorize to their son to travel to all the countries of the world, until he/she reaches the majority of age or it could be restricted expressing specifications about the validity of the authorization and/or the country of destination of the trip and/or data of the companion in case of authorizing the minor to travel accompanied. In the event of restricted authorizations, the controlling authority will have to verify the validity of the authorization at the moment of the trip and that the stated requirements are fulfilled in the authorization. This authorization may be revoked for one or both parents, which should be reliably notified to the “DIRECCION NACIONAL DE MIGRACIONES” (NATIONAL MIGRATION OFFICE) in order to take effect.
In either case, when at the moment of making the migratory in the entering or departing, the acting civil servant would have founded suspicions with respect of the authorization, taking into account the superior interest of the child, immediate intervention of the Auxiliary Migratory Police shall be asked from the competent judicial authority and from the Public Prosecutor´s Office for Minors. All of these must be according to the terms of Section 37 of the Law Number 26.061.


SECTION 6º.- They will need an authorization in the terms of CHAPTER IV as long as the period of permanence which has been granted to them has not expired, with the exceptions previewed in CHAPTER II.
CHAPTER 7º.- They will need the corresponding authorization, with the exception previewed in CHAPTER II, section 2º, subsection a), c) and d).

SECTION 8º.- They need authorization to enter the country, the minors underage that are not FOURTEEN (14) years old yet, whichever their nationality and category of entering is, that do not travel accompanied or who are not awaited by any person who exercise the parental power or by an authorized third party.

SECTION 9º.- in case that the minor:
a) Does not handle the authorization of that or those who exercise the parental power to accompany him/her or awaited by a third party
b) Although he/he handles the authorization mentioned in the above subsection, is not effectively accompanied or awaited by the third party who appears registered in the authorization.

The following procedure shall be made:
1) To grant them an Provisory Authorization of Permanence, according to what has been ruled by section 35 of the Law No 25.871: whenever it is about foreign temporary residents, the intervention of the authorities of security with jurisdiction in the place of entering shall be requested, in order to ask it to inform about this circumstance to the judicial authority with competence in minority, who will solve consequently, preparing a delivery certificate as ANNEX II is part of the present.

2) Take effect the entering to the country whenever they are argentine, foreign residents permanent, temporary or precarious residents, asking for the intervention of the security authorities with jurisdiction in the place that inform of this circumstance to the judicial authority judicial with competence in minority, who will solve consequently, preparing a delivery certificate as which shapes the ANNEX III.

SECTION 10- The present regulations shall not be applied when:
a) A bilateral or multilateral agreement exist subscribed by the ARGENTINE REPUBLIC related to the subject to which it is about, except in the aspects not ruled by it.
b) The initial identification initial of the minor suggests that the child would require protection as a refugee, that might be a victim or a potential victim of crime of human trade or, in its case, he/she might have other needs of international protection; assumptions in which the PROTOCOL FOR THE PROTECTION, ASSISTANCE AND SEARCH OFLASTING SOLLUTIONS FOR CHILDREN NOT TO ACCOMPANY OR SEPARATED FROM THEIR FAMILIES IN SEARCH OF ASYLUM shall apply, once that this is put into effect.

SECTION 11.- All the before mentioned documentation in the present rule must be presented in original or, instead, in a certified copy, with the purpose of evidencing identity and/or the invoked relationship.
That issued abroad will have to include the legalization of the Argentine Consulate located at the issuing country of the document or dully apostilled, if the country had ratified the Hague Convention.
Without prejudice to what has been stated in the international agreements or conventions in force, all the documentation issued by the consular representations in the national territory, will have to include the “MINISTERIO DE RELACIONES EXTERIORES, COMERCIO INTERNACIONAL Y CULTO”, (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) legalization, except those countries belonging to the area MERCADO COMUN DEL SUR ( the so called MERCOSUR, in English would be translated as COMMON MARKET FOR THE SOUTHERN AREA).

New Regulation for Minors Traveling to the UNITED KINGDOM
As from February 12, 2006, minors under 18 years of age that need a visa to enter the United Kingdom and that are traveling as visitors, must have a visa endorsed as “Child Visitor”.
Such a visa can be issued for accompanied and unaccompanied minors.
CHILD VISITOR VISA FOR UNACCOMPANIED MINOR: It allows the Child to travel on his/her own to the United Kingdom. Also, it allows for the possibility of the child traveling with an adult.
CHILD VISITOR VISA FOR ACCOMPANIED MINOR: Valid only for those minors who travel with the adult(s) whose name(s) is (are) endorsed on the visa. NO other adult can act as the child’s accompanying adult.
For further information please contact the British Consulate.
These types of Visas do not apply to
Children under 18 who had their visas issued before February 12, 2006.
Visas that aren’t Child Visitor visas, such as student visa.
Once the child turns 18, the Child Visitor visa shall be accepted as a Visitor’s visa.
INFANTS for Domestic and Regional/International flights
They should compulsorily travel with their parents or by persons in charge, without the right to occupy a seat. In the case of requesting a seat for an infant, it may be confirmed by paying a child fare. In these cases for security reasons the adult. Passenger must hold the infant in their arms during takeoffs and landings as well as on board the aircraft while the seat belt signs are on.
Only one Infant can travel with each adult passenger.
The trip is not advisable for newborn babies up to 7 (seven) days of life.
For safety reasons, Infants can't be transported by using a mobile car baby-seat, provided by the passenger.
Check-in system will automatically assign for an adult traveling with an infant a seat with a double oxygen mask.

Domestic: Free fare (at no cost, without the right to occupy a seat)
Regional/International: 10% of the fare that applies to adults plus taxes and surcharges (without the right to occupy a seat).
CHILD for Domestic and Regional/International Flights

- Minors among 2 and 5 years old (not being 5 yet), will have to travel obligatorily accompanied by their parents or by a responsible person in charge of them. The service for Non-Accompanied Minor shall not be permitted.
- Minors from 5 to 12 years old (not being 12 yet) will be able to travel alone requesting obligatorily the Service for Non- Accompanied Minors.

•  Regional and International flights:
  - For the child leaving the country without parents or with only one of them should make a travel authorization, legalized by a notary public or judge.
  - For the child leaving the country accompanied by both parents must be submitted marriage document or birth certificate.

•  For domestic flights is not required authorization above detailed above.
Non-accompanied Minor
He/she will pay the CHD fare applicable according to the respective regulation.
Non Accompanied Minor
(From 5 years old onwards they will be allowed to travel alone requesting the Service of Non Accompanied Minor)
•  Traveling alone in Domestic Flights: He/she will pay the CHD fare, i.e., respecting the corresponding discount to the applied fare, plus an additional charge for the Service of Non accompanied Minor. Said charge is collected per segment and per passenger.
Domestic Flights Route: 15 dollars
•  Traveling alone in Regional/International flights: He/she will pay the CHD fare, i.e., respecting the corresponding discount to the applied fare, plus an additional charge for the Service of Non-Accompanied Minor which may vary, according to the destination. Said charge shall be collected per segment and per passenger.
  Regional Routes (bordering countries with Argentina): 30 dollars.
  International Routes: 60 dollars.
To download the form for Non Accompanied Minors, please click here.
New requirements according to dispositions of the Airport Security Police for the l transfer of minors travelling to/from Jujuy-Catamarca-La Rioja-Salta
In the framework of the competence that points Law Number 26.102 and in accordance with what has been set forth by Laws Nbr. 25.179, 26.364 and 26.061, the Airport Security Police stated certain measures to strengthen care and protection of children and adolescents. In this sense, Aerolíneas Argentinas collaboration has been requested in order to require specific documentation of those passengers who travel with minors or whenever they wish to travel alone to/from Catamarca, La Rioja, Salta and Jujuy.
The PSA (Airport Security Police)exigency consists of accrediting the authorization for the trip for those who exercise parental authority or have an authorization for the same purpose ant to such effects. Herein below the documents that each minor must show to travel in each case are detailed:

-Minors travelling alone:
They will have to show the Identity Card and their parents’ written authorization legalized before Notary Public or Justice of the Peace.

-Minors travelling with a relative or friend:
They will have to show the Identity card of the persons with which they were travelling and their parents’ authorization legalized before Notary Public or Justice of the Peace in which it must be stated the personal data of the person travelling with the minor who is responsible of him/her.

-Minors travelling with their parents:
They will have to show the Identity card of the persons who travel and the Birth Certificate or Marriage Book in order to evidence the filiation relationship.

-Minors travelling with only one of their parents:
They will have to show the Identity card of the persons with which they were travelling and the Birth certificate or marriage book to the effect of evidencing filiation relationship.

-Minors that travel with only one of their parents:
They will have to show the Identity Card of the persons with which they travel and the Birth Certificate or Marriage Book with the purpose of accrediting their filiation relationship.

In case of failure in the total or partial fulfillment of some of these requisites, the passenger will have to go to the PSA office located at the Airport in which he/she is trying to get the plane. The Airport Security Police is the only authority, that can authorize or deny the boarding (in accordance with the power conferred by law 26.102).

With the purpose of helping the PSA, Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A. will request to all the passengers that travel handling the before mentioned documentation, to avoid delays or subsequent disadvantages that make things difficult with the purpose of preserving and protecting children subsequent disadvantages that complicate with the objective to preserve and protect the interests of children and adolescents.

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