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It is permitted to transport pets (dogs and cats) as accompanied baggage on narrow-body aircraft (Boeing 737 and Embraer 190) and is conditional depending on the weather conditions prevailing at the time of flight.

Since March 1, 2014 will not accept the transport as accompanied baggage of breeds of dogs and cats 'brachycephalic', commonly called 'snub-nosed', both in domestic, regional and international flights, in  narrow/wide-body aircraft. Transport of these breeds of dogs and cats may be made only as Cargo / Jet Pack services.

These animals are very sensitive to heat, have difficulty breathing and regulate body temperature, so the temperature conditions are more restrictive for these races.

For your information are some of the brachycephalic breeds:

American Bully / Bulldog / English Bulldog / American Bulldog / French Bulldog / Boxer / Japanese Boxer / Boston Terrier / Japanese Chin / Pug / Pug Chinese / German Pug / Pekingese / Lhasa Apso / Chow Chow / Toy Spaniel Inglés / Mastiff / Staffordshire Bull Terrier / Spaniel Tibetan / Shar Pei / Shih Tzu / Brussels Griffon Burmese / Exotics / Himalayan / Persian

The transport of pets, both in the case of domestic and wild animals, requires a series of steps that have to do with the necessary documentation, packaging for travel and the requirements for admission to the destination where you travel.

Given the variety of regulations and strict compliance with the times and standards (particularly international), suggest start the process early enough.

To begin, we suggest reading this orientation guide carefully.

Passengers which wish to travel with their pets will have to dispatch them as accompanied baggage, subject to availability in the hold and under the conditions which are described in this section. We remind you that the booking of the place in the hold must be accomplished up to 48 hours before departure of the flight.Due to the diversity in aircraft hold conditions for the safe transport of an animal, it is advised that a reservation to transport pets is done on a conditional basis. The reservation does not guarantee the passenger that his/her pet will travel on the same flight. In such event the pet remains under the passenger’s responsibility, not the airline.

No unweaned animal shall be accepted of less than eight (8) weeks of age and those between eight (8) and twelve (12) weeks shall have to present a certificate issued by e veterinarian who will have to indicate that those animals are in good conditions to be transported by plane.

If the pet travels alone (without the passenger, as not accompanied baggage), it will be dispatched as cargo, fulfilling with the same conditions, but channelling all through the section CARGO

Aerolíneas Argentinas does not admit the transportation of pets on cabin. The only exception is the transfer of a guide dog, which will be able to travel on cabin, without any charge, as companion of a passenger who, due to a visual disability, blindness or deafness, depending on it or not. The animal will have to be equipped with the adequate muzzle and harness and will not be able to occupy a seat.

For internal flights (within Argentina)

To transport cats and dogs, you will have to show the following documentation:
Certificate of the veterinary of good health and anti rabies one, issued with no more than a week in advance from the departing date.
Corresponding certificates of vaccination.
For regional and internacional flights

Due to the application of restrictive measures for the
transportation of animals to go overseas, firstly, the passenger will have to get information about the compulsory requisites from the Consulate or Embassy of the country to which is travelling.

For more information about requested documentation according to the type of pet, you may contact to International Direct Sales. Telephone Number: 4480-6396/6264.

For more information, please contact Aerolineas Argentinas Call Center in your country.
According to SE.NA.SA. Resolution No. 1354/94, we inform that pets will only be dispatched from Ezeiza (EZE) as part of the accompanied baggage out of the country, when the passengers show the Permission for Boarding Alive Animals which will be issued by the SE.NA.SA Office before the boarding of the pet, at Ezeiza Airport.

It is worth to clarify that, such Permission the passenger shall NOT be able to dispatch his/her pet.

  • Procedure for the obtaining of the Permission of Boarding on the part of the passenger:

The passenger will have to go to the SE.NA.SA. counters at the departing Airport (EZEIZA) four hours before boarding time, with the purpose that an inspector of said institution makes the physical, documental and microchip reading verification - if it were suitable – of the animal involved.

The procedure requires that the passenger show:

- The International Veterinarian Certificate or the Zoo Sanitary Certification for Exportation, the original one and the photocopy, issued by the Lazaretto Quarantine (located at the corner of Brazil Avenue and Balbin Avenue).
- All the specific sanitary documentation, vaccines, etc. demanded by the country of destination, the original one and a photocopy.
- The pet.

Being the inspection done, the SE.NA.SA. staff will deliver the passenger a Boarding Permission, in triplicate that allows the passenger to make the Check-in with his/her pet. One of the copies will be left at the Frontier Office and the passenger will have to present the original document and one of the copies of said Permission will be delivered to the Check-in counter.

1. Presentation by the owner of the animal of the health certificate extended by the official authority of the country of origin or who has been delegated to do this function, which must include the requirements detailed in annex I of this document. This certificate shall be retained and filed by the authority.
2. Presentation by the owner of proof that the animal has had the vaccination against rabies, for all dogs or cats aged 3 (three) months or older, which once confirmed it will be returned as it should not be retained by the authority.
Such record shall contain data of the vaccine, by assigning the validity of the same according to the periodicity authorized for this vaccine. If the animal is less than 3 (three) months such circumstance shall be recorded in the certificate described in 1).
3 Do not present the animal with symptoms of disease or clinical inspection, in particular of those which are known contagious infectious to the species.
Annex I
Health requirements to authorize the entry of dogs and cats to the Argentina Republic from countries members of Mercosur:
A) They must be accompanied by an animal health certificate and a certificate of rabies vaccination, where appropriate, issued by the official authority of the country of origin, to whom such function has been delegated to, which must include:
A.1) data identifying the owner: surname and name, address. Data identifying the animal: race, sex, date of birth, coat, size and special marks.
A.2) the country of origin and destination.
A.3) proof of rabies vaccination that will be required for all canine and feline over 3 (three) months of age, having taken place at least 30 (thirty) days before the date of entry of the animal in the case of the first time vaccination and for a period not exceeding one year.

The health certificate shall ensure that the identified animal was examined within 10 (ten) days prior to shipment, not presenting any clinical signs of diseases for the species.(B) payment of the tariff fixed by Senasa in concept of veterinary inspection for importation.


Animals which comply with the above requirements will not require importation quarantine. In case of suspicion of auto vaccines zoonotic diseases or high risk for the Argentina Republic, the qualified staff of this Service will ensure their isolation and/or appropriate quarantine measures.

For more information, we suggest you visit the website www.senasa.gov.ar
The animal will have to be transferred in an adequate container-cage, with a waterproof bottom and provided by the passenger. Only one (1) animal will be transfered per container - cage. This container shall have the necessary quality as regards resistance, safety and comfort for the size of the animal, ventilation and a snap that guarantees that it will not open at any moment; otherwise, it will have a safety metallic seal. As regards the trip, it is not provided any type of food or beverage in intermediate stops and they are not even disembarked.

The transport of a pet with its owner on the same flight is always regarded as excess
For internal flights (within Argentina)

The excess luggage applied will be per kilo (pet plus cage)

Charges per sector Excess luggage per kilo
All routes
(except flights to/from Tierra del Fuego)
$ 20,00 including VAT
To/from Tierra del Fuego $ 16,53 excluding VAT
Note: Flights with origin or destination in Tierra del Fuego are exempted from VAT charges, except when there are immediate connections in points in the same province.
For regional and internacional flights

- Routes with weight concept

The excess luggage applied will be per kilo (pet plus cage)

Flights WITHIN (From / To)
Argentina and:
Excess luggage per kilo
Montevideo USD 6
Punta del Este
Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia)
Asunción USD 8
Belo Horizonte
Porto Alegre (Brazil)
Río de Janeiro (Brazil)
Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Santiago de Chile
San Salvador
Bogotá (Colombia)

Note: -*- Taxes, if applicable, will be added to excess baggage charge and according to destination of travel and point of origin of trip.

FROM TO Excess luggage per kilo
Argentina Lima (Peru) USD 8
Lima (Peru) Argentina USD 6 + IGV (18%)

Note: -*- For excess luggage on flights departing Lima the local VAT will be added (18 %).

IMPORTANT: For flight that originate in any point in South America and whose final destination is another point within South America, with connexion in Argentina, only one excess luggage charge will apply per each kilo checked in of USD 8.00

Routes with piece concept

Double charge of excess luggage will apply, for each animal and its cage. Consequently the charges will be, according to destination:

FROM TO Excess luggage charge for pet and its cage
Argentina/ Bolivia/ Chile/ Colombia/ Paraguay/ Perú/ Uruguay/ Venezuela/ Brasil Barcelona/ Madrid/ Roma USD 300
Barcelona/ Madrid/ Roma Argentina/ Bolivia/ Chile/ Colombia/ Paraguay/ Perú/ Uruguay/ Venezuela/ Brasil EUR 240

Flights WITHIN (From / To) Excess luggage charge for pet and its cage
Argentina/ Bolivia/ Chile/ Colombia/ Paraguay/ Perú/ Uruguay/ Venezuela/ Brasil Cancún
USD 240

Flights WITHIN (From / To) Excess luggage charge for pet and its cage
Argentina/ Bolivia/ Chile/ Colombia/ Paraguay/ Perú/ Uruguay/ Brasil Caracas
USD 200

Flights WITHIN (From / To) Excess luggage charge for pet and its cage
Argentina/ Bolivia/ Chile/ Colombia/ Paraguay/ Perú/ Uruguay/ Venezuela/ Brasil Miami/Nueva York (EE.UU.) USD 200

Flights TO Auckland / Sydney FROM: Excess luggage charge for pet and its cage
Argentina/ Bolivia/ Chile/ Colombia/ Paraguay/ Perú/ Uruguay/ Venezuela/ Brasil USD 300

Flights FROM Auckland:

The transport of pets, for flights originating in Auckland, is managed through a specialised cargo agent.

Service provider:
"Kritta Krates"
contacto telefónico: +64 9 2928789
e-mail: info@krittakrates.co.nz
web: http:/www.krittakrates.co.nz

Flights FROM Sydney:

The transport of pets for flights originating in Sydney, is managed through a specialised cargo agent.

Service provider:
contacto telefónico: +61 2 92158747

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